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Veselin Pizurica is entrepreneur, CTO and founder at, a cloud software company that empowers enterprises and the public sector to benefit from the Internet-of-Things. waylay enables smarter real-time decisions, proactive monitoring and automation based on integration with existing line-of-business applications. Veselin has more than 15 years experience in software product development (Agile Development, Lean Startup Movement). He designed and implemented products in various domains, such as Cloud Computing, Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence, IoT/M2M, Signal and Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Home Networking, Mobile Management, MPLS, xDSL and Fiber technologies. Skills: project/product management, people management, agile development, telecommunications, SW platforms, cloud computing technology, coding java/ruby/python/javascript/html5/ Veselin is also author and co-author of 12 patent applications in domain of DSL, home networks and cloud computing.

The time has come – to destroy agile

I still remember my first “talk” on agile – it was inspiration for this site in the first place. The first thing that I said at my “course” was: “I have come here to destroy waterfall”. But, I also said, … Continue reading

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Leadership is not given, it is taken. Leadership is not management. Leaders are born. With managers, it is a little bit different. Some managers are born, some are trained. Every person can be a good project manager if he can … Continue reading

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Are you really happy at work?

Jim Collins, in the book Good to Great suggests the following exercise: “Suppose you woke up tomorrow and received two phone calls. The first phone call tells you that you have inherited $20 million, no strings attached. The second tells … Continue reading

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“It all depends“ my friend

There are two kinds of people, people that believe that everything can be divided into two categories and the other ones – which make it hard for you not to belong in one of two categories, even if you don’t … Continue reading

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Agile Development or how many balls you think you can juggle?

Most of the time, when people talk about project management, they only consider a phase between the official start of the project M1, and beta release date M2, as a “real work”. As explained earlier, this is a wrong approach, … Continue reading

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Agile Project Management – the project follow up

XP was a first development framework in which the customer feedback was embedded in the complete project lifecycle (see Beck Kent’s books, Ron Jeffries blog and articles, or check this list). In the picture below,  you can find “one slide explains it all” that … Continue reading

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Agile Release Planning – the preparation phase

Before I start, I want you to read the following statement: “The most important role of PO, project manager and the team is to create a product that someone wants to buy, from which company can earn some money, and … Continue reading

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Effort Estimations Fallacy or Effort (only) Driven Project Planning

Countless books, blogs and studies have been written about the effort estimation process. Unless we talk about repetitive, so called “blue collar” jobs, the estimation of the time required to complete any complex activity has proven something hard to do right … Continue reading

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Agile Planning

In my previous post I introduced some basic principles of project management, so if you skipped that part, please read it first 🙂 ). Here are my rules of Agile planning: Rule1: Ask PO to present the vision of the new release to the … Continue reading

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Project Management Basics

In this and my next blog post I will be talking  about rules of agile planning, based on my experience in agile development and project management. But before I get there, I will need to introduce some fundamental concepts of project management … Continue reading

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